Give to Idaho by helping Idaho's beaver

Idaho needs beaver to secure water supply, fisheries, and wildlife

Give to Idaho by helping Idaho's beaver image

#idahogives to help Idaho's beaver give us heathy watersheds

We're not your average non-profit. Our mission is help Idaho's existing beaver population by demonstrating non-lethal alternatives to living with beaver (see video). Idaho's constitution limits how these problems can be resolved. The institution of trapping is engrained in game management, even at the expense of all of the wildlife and habitat created by beaver. So, while there are proponents of simulated beaver habitat, these efforts are costly to build and maintain and they eventually fail. They underperform the beaver in all aspects. Because of this historical approach, there are very few organizations or entities that will support our effort to protect beaver. That's why your support is critical. We need your help because there's nobody else doing this work in Idaho. We have a heavy lift, but we can do it with your help. Thank you