Help us keep beavers in our watershed

We need you to help us save our beavers and the wonderful habitat that they create

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We need you to help us save our beavers and the wonderful habitat that they create

Beaver are THE answer to keeping Idaho's watersheds healty


Thank you for being part of Watershed Guardians. Since 2011, Watershed Guardians volunteers have been counting beaver activity within certain streams. We are safe to say, that we have the longest continuous beaver population monitoring project in the United States.

Why? Because nobody else is doing it. By measuring every year, we can witness first hand the impact of no trapping. Some streams completely loose beavers and others are holding by a thread. We think that beaver are not just cute little furballs, They maintain the water quality in the streams where they live.

The fact that there are more and bigger fish, more moose, more ducks, more birds, and more intact functioning ecosystems is no joke, no accident. Beaver create all of these benefits without taking a single thing from us, except a little space alongside the creek. But not everyone feels this way. Idaho's paradigm for beaver evolved from years of mis-information and biological fascism that was born nearly 200 years ago when the Hudson's Bay Company sought to exterminate every single beaver as a political power move to keep Americans out of the Northwest. While the approach failed, the mindset has not.

Changing beliefs that are so ingrained that the voters of Idaho (mistakenly)amended the Idaho Constitution that essentially sealed the fate of beaver and tied the hands of our game management agency.

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Thank you,

Mike Settell, Director

Watershed Guardians

"To protect, maintain, and preserve the Portneuf River Watershed, one beaver at a time."