Help us keep beavers in our watershed

We need you to help us save our beavers and the wonderful habitat that they create

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We need you to help us save our beavers and the wonderful habitat that they create

Beaver are THE answer to keeping Idaho's watersheds healty

If you know anything about us, you know that we love beaver for their ingenuity, energy and peacefulness. You may not be aware that there exists decades of prejudice against beaver in this state due to an erroneous image that is portrayed by some. And it's not always who you think. It's not trappers (though some are ill-informed), it's not water users (though some marginal farmers are) and it's not land managers (though some are proscribed by their bosses and preconceptions). Like all forms of prejudice, the one against beaver is hatched and raised in secrecy and mis-information. We aim to bring and end to that. How? By demonstrating how beaver store spring floods for late season use, by showing that beaver do not rebound as quickly as the old-timers say, and that there are very simple methods for eliminating the localized problems beaver create by doing what they do. We've been doing it for over 8 years now and while we don't see immediate changes (progress is slow in the caverns of bureaucracy) but things are changing. One day it will be evident.

The streams that once held large native cutthroat will return, our youth will play in their large ponds without fear projected upon them, the waters once choked with oily goo and mud will be replaced with steady, cool flows and wildfires that jump over creeks will be halted dead in their tracks. Will I be alive when that happens? Who knows. But, when it does and you hear people talking about how good the fishing is up on Mink Creek or how beautiful the ponds are on Toponce Creek or how many moose there are on Jackson Creek, you can peacefully relish the idea that you had a hand in that transformation. You made a difference.

Please consider a generous donation to Watershed Guardians and help us keep the movement for a healthy watershed alive.

Thank you,